Monday, 2 January 2012

Chidrens spaces.

Children's spaces are one of my favorite areas of interior designs, this has been borne out of experience, I have two of the little monsters myself.
When we say child this spans an age group from the age of one through to the teens, and if you have children you will know that the change in them can be weekly at times.
The space that is created has to be flexible to be able to accommodate this, and to be able to grow around the individual.
The joy of designing for this demographic is that fun is what drives the choices and the sky is the limit as to what the brief may contain.
I recently worked on a project that also exposed me to the phenomenon of outgassing which is the slow releasing of  gases trapped with in products and materials that we have around us, this is something that should be looked into before specifying materials for children's rooms.

A simple design in a small space.  Photo and design Wayne Maxwell.

On a tight budget it is amazing what can be achieved. Photo and design  by Wayne Maxwell.

Two lucky little girls have this space to work and play in.  Photo and design by Wayne Maxwell.

Two computer stations with a ladder to the loft. Photo and design by Wayne Maxwell.

Ready to be lived in. Photo and design by Wayne Maxwell.

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