Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Working with developers.

On the 14th of February I blogged about my work with a Bristol property developer. I was brought on board to help with the refurbishment of a badly run down three bedroom house.
The budget was tight, the idea was to renovate the house and put it on the market.
The client has proved that if you buy in skills, take their advise and work with them, and you will get the results.
Credit to the builders who have done well with a tight budget.
The result is a beautiful family home that  will allow the new owners to put their stamp on it.

Front of the house, simple and understated.

Front rooms on the ground floor, open planed with loads of natural light.
Panoramic showing living area.

Kitchen, a layout which was dictated by the space.

The bathroom was dark and uninviting, the changes made have made it quite the opposite.
Staircase which links the ground and first floor.
One of the three bedrooms.

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