Friday, 1 June 2012

Reconfiguring space.

Repairing badly thought through house conversions.
I have recently done work on a London home that was converted by the previous owners, they opened up the back end of the house and created a large open planed space which travels from the front to the back of the ground floor.
The conversion has resulted in a large kitchen come dining space, sacrificing the living room area of the house.
If the kitchen was designed as more of a living area the shortage of space for the living room could have worked but the opposite has happened.
To correct this on a tight budget, we have extended the living room floor into the kitchen space, creating a bookcase which looks onto the kitchen and rearranged the audiovisual area to create two living spaces.
The first is more formal, using the existing fireplace as a focal point, the second being the less formal
a kind of TV room, yet still maintaining the open plan layout of the space. 
A view looking towards the back end of the house, standing in the second living area.

A view from the kitchen looking to the front of the house.

Tidying the audiovisual equipment and hiding the cable work has made the space appear visually larger.

The bookcase has provided roughly 9 meters of shelf space.

Now that the area has been reconfigured the decoration can start.

Clean simple effective.

The light works well in the space.

Decoration will finish the space, art work needs repositioning.

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