Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Skate sculpture.

I came across this via Moco , this is an instalation in the Kiasma Museum of Modern art in Finland , by Rich Holland.
His focus is on the contentious  issue of the right to public space, which is an issue that should capture everyone of us.
This hits home with me where in a town local to me it has taken the  council 15 years to pass plans for a skate park, yet supermarket developments scar the countryside everywhere.
When I was much younger, I along with many youngsters in our town fought to get our own park built.(when they finally built it they made a mess of it)
More people need to take up the fight to get space allocated for all, it is everyone's right to roam and experience their world without the hindrance of boarders or threat of litigation.

Photos from Moco

Photo from Moco

Photo From Moco

Photo from Moco.

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