Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Two weeks away.

I generally work from home (the joy of the internet) but occasionally I have to travel.
The last two weeks have been one of those periods, I started with a trip to London on my way to Krakow Poland.
I managed to fit in a one day cricket game between South Africa and England, we lost!
Then off to Poland to do some work with the good people at Dller.
Krakow, Kielce and Warsaw loads of traveling on the slowly improving Polish road network.
After leaving Poland it was back to London for a week of domestic interior work and then back to the Cotswold's.
Home sweet Home!

Lords Cricket ground London, a great mix of architecture.

The home of cricket.

Dller show room Warsaw Poland.

Dller Warsaw.

Dller Kielce, the Echo Galeria.

Dller show room Kielce.

Domestic Interior Battersea London.

Battersea London.

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