Tuesday, 24 September 2013

London design week.

Last week I followed the masses of trendy design types around London viewing design from around the world.
As usual the weather behaved itself for the shows and commuting around the various events by motorbike made it all that more bearable.
As far as design goes it was much the same as the year before, a few gems here and there but most playing safe, a strategy which is driven by the faltering economy.
There was a strong presence of wood, oak being the most popular followed by walnut.
Copper and stainless were the metals of choice with felt and cork finishing off the most popular materials.
It is hard to miss the amount of products made from automated processes such as CNC( in all forms) and the emerging 3D printers.
On the whole not a bad event, my only wish is that I had the time to seek out the smaller shows which generally have the best content.

Lighting by David Trubridge.

Lighting by David Trubridge.

Lighting by David Trubridge.

Light made from glass purchased from Ebay.

Grow your own in your kitchen.

3D printer shoe.
Simple 3D printer, this stand was busy.

Step in a booth and get your self printed.

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