Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Rubboo is a children's toy I have developed for my children's brand Maximoozie.
I am a great believer in play based learning for children, Rubboo is a great example of this type of learning.
The basic principle is connecting the bamboo sticks together with the rubber bands and in so doing an object is created.
The difference between Rubboo and  a toy like say Lego, is that once you have worked out how Lego fits together all that is left to do is to construct your object.
With Rubboo this is less obvious, and there is no set formula as to how any given object will be made.
For example, a player has to come up with a way to make a square and then how to make it stand, this process is the basic concept of construction.
Feel free to take a look at or our facebook site for more examples.

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