Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Garden storage, have it made

In my opinion, bicycles are one of the best forms of transport.  In most European cities cycling is the cheapest, healthiness and most environmentally friendly way to commute.  However, a bicycle can also be a nightmare to store, especially in homes that lack a garage and adequate indoor space.

I was asked by an old client (living in Inner London) whether I had any ideas regarding a storage solution for his extensive bike collection which was, at the time, being housed in his kitchen and lounge area.  Having previously completed work on this client's home, I was aware that his garden (approximately 25 square meters) was an area that was, largely, unused.  I therefore suggested storing the bicycles in the garden.  The idea was to still make the garden a pleasant out door space for the family but include safe dry storage for bikes and other sporting equipment and provide seating.

I designed four galvanized boxes to protect the bikes and keep them dry.  These metal boxes were then clad with cedar.  I used cedar because this wood requires no extra care due to the properties of the wood and is largely insect repellant.  Furthermore, the cedar will eventually age to a lovely silvery grey colour. Within these boxes I designed two planters for ornamental purposes.

The end result has produced storage for up to six bikes, along with 2.8 meters of storage for sporting and garden equipment.  The top of the storage is designed to be at sitting height which can be used along with a table and chairs.  There is a planter at each end of the seating area in which a shrubs are now situated in order to break up the horizontal lines of the boxes. 

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