Thursday, 29 January 2015

10 Cool bookcases

Bookcases, the holders of memories.

People are buying less books and switching to digital media.  Some of us will always covert books and for those of us that do, here are 10 bookcases that make displaying books a pleasure.

1. Terreria by Morosso designed by Arcea Associati. 2. Extending bookcase by Reinier De Jong. 3. Junior bookcase by Ibride, design by Benoit and Rachel Convers. 4. SHO5 Arie by E15, design by Arik Levy. 5. Paper Cabinet by Moooi, design by Studio Job. 6. Frame Works by Mieke Meijer. 7. Oxymore by DeCastelli, design by Xavier Lust. 8. Ptocomeo by Opinion Cittai, design by Bruno Rainaldi. 9. Forest by Driade, design by Nendo. 10. Max01 by Dller, design by Wayne Maxwell.

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