Friday, 9 December 2011

Bespoke kitchens.

Kitchens are an area in the home that I really enjoy; one, as I love to cook and, two, they are complicated to design compared to other areas in the modern home. Kitchens require a knowledge of materials, hardware, mechanics of the home (plumbing and electrics) as well as great spacial awareness.

When I talk about bespoke kitchens I mean completely bespoke, as in unique and not a process where by you choose from a series of off-the-shelf products to create your own look although this does have its place.  I have attached a few of the kitchens we have worked on, by "we" I mean Andrea Felice, a good friend and great craftsman.

Traditional kitchen, hand painted with solid beach tops.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Modern kitchen, satin spray finish with sold Wenge worktops.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

A small modern kitchen, well planed with great appliances.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

This kitchen was designed to be sympathetic to a Span development by Eric Lyons, the building was built in 1956.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

A modern kitchen in Soho central London.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.


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