Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Graffiti artist or artist.

I met Jason Busk, looking for a graffiti artist to work on a large project in Kings Cross St Pancras  station.
The client required a large piece of graffiti style artwork for one of the main walls in the apartment.
Jason was short listed and went about the work with what I can only describe as passion.
The work was influenced by the work of Polish artist Tamara Lempicka, and Jason's love of nature.
The finished product is captivating and original.Setting the tone of the  apartment, which is a real testament to the owner.

Jason at work up the tower.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

The amount of detail that Jason achieves with a spray can is amazing.  Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

The work stretches the length of the main wall.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

More detailed work. Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Jason Busk. Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Graffiti cans litter the flat. Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

The finished Product. Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

More Cans please. Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

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