Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sculpture by nature.

I have two influences which come together in this little object, nature and tribal art.
Coming from Africa I was exposed to both and when I started traveling I found my self being drawn to third world countries to experience the cultures behind this art.
These cultures were more offten then not based between the tropics which provides for some of the best examples of nature on our planet.
The materials for this object were found in Devon and the Cotswold's.

I found this shell with the pebble lodged in the opening, natures art.Photo by Wayne Maxwell

The textures of the different materials work so well together. Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

I love feathers, this one is from a Pheasant.  Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Nature at its best. Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

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