Friday, 9 December 2011

Home Office.

Storage soloutions in an office space are important, as from my experience the home office is normally positioned in the smaller rooms of a home, in this design we have managed to give the user as much storage as possible.
It is also important to note that the user may be in this space for long periods so positioning of the layout is crucial, in this design we have position the user facing the windows.  This seems obvious but this was not necessary the simplest way to use the space.
The result is light, airy, practical and a great space to work.
With the choice we made in terms of the orientation of the room we did not have much width to play with, as a result we have the desk coming off the cupboard area allowing for an L-shape working area with space for printers scanners and other hardware in the cupboards below.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.
A trap door to the cellar also provided us with unwanted challenges.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Loads of flexible storage.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Using the oak veneer with a white finish has given the rather lineal design a great depth.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Many thanks to Andrea and his team for a great fitting and manufacturing job.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

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