Friday, 9 December 2011

Office at home.

After posting our home office project I thought I would take a few photos of my own home work space.
My space is small and compact and in these photos looks chaotic, but it really does work.  Positioned  in a small room I have made use of a one wall system which works well and was simple to build and install.
Making use of limited space is one of my favorite design problems I seem to thrive on the challenge that a lack of space offers, I have always admired Japanese designers for there ability to be able design around this reality of modern day living.
Single wall system, I have used this system before, it is really good value and can be easily installed and has limitless flexibility in terms of its layout.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Compact but ineradicably user friendly.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Inspiration everywhere, like Aladdin's cave .Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Think!!!Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

Play shelf, a nightmare to dust.Photo by Wayne Maxwell.

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