Monday, 20 February 2012

In the space of artists.

Through out my career I have worked and spent a large amount of time in workshops.
 As a designer I find these places really inspirational and educational, filled with really interesting people, none more so than in this space.
This is the space of Simon Black an artist, cyclist and good friend with a great taste in music.
My studio in London was along the same row of arches in Deptford South London, where I got to know Simon.
I found Simon's work and work space really intriguing.
 As some one who has mostly worked  with wood ,seeing Simon do what he does with metal was educational and inspirational and to this day any information that I need regarding metal work is obtained through Simon as well as a healthy dose of Country and Western music.

Artist studio at its best.

Stainless steel every where.

Not a bad painter as well.

Simon has made practically everything in his studio.

I love this piece.

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