Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bespoke chandelier.

The ability to be able to get bespoke products produced when designing any space is one of my strengths.
When a budget is large, bespoke products are part and parcel of the package, but when there are restrictions on a budget(which is more the reality than the norm) design really comes to the front.
The chandeliers below are just one of those problems, this interior is in the Kings Cross St Pancras
building in London,  which is listed.
I had two separate light feeds with which we were not allowed to interfere,  we needed to install two separate light features, the problem was that there was a weight restriction on both feeds. 
I turned to a product that was designed by Dutch designer Tord Boontjie , this water cut steel product
allowed me to create something visually heavy but relatively light for its volume.
Due to the length of their cables, the chandeliers both move at the slightest hint of a breeze and as they do, the steel foliage reflects every bit of light.
Great to lay beneath and disappear into.

Water cut steel foliage by Tord Boontjie.

A stainless steel ring provides the platform for the foliage.

The light that comes out of the chandelier is mesmerizing.

Top light.

The chandelier captures the natural light by day, and the interior light by night.


A great back drop to frame the light.

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