Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bower Bird.

Growing up in Africa, surrounded by nature, it is no surprise that I am now a nature lover.  I use this interest as a source of inspiration in my work as a designer.

The Bower bird brings together two great elements of nature; the visual appearance of the bird (which has 20 species in eight genera) and the way in which the bird itself selects and uses nature to decorate its nest in order to attract a female with which to mate.

The combination of colour and texture chosen by these birds, could teach all of us a thing or two  about the way in which we introduce these elements in our own lives.  These birds seam to have a knack at selecting colour, texture and form of objects and are able to arrange them in a manner that is unique and attractive.

Below are a selection of images that illustrate the creativity of these birds.

Photo from Tumbler.

Photo from Tumbler.

Photo from Duskywondersite.com.

Photo from Stephen Lyle.

Photo from slowmuse.com

Photo from Slowmuse.com


Photo by Timlaman.com

Photo by Timlaman.com

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