Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Snow in the Cotswold's

This part of the world does not get the same volume of snow as other parts of the Northern hemisphere: but when it comes it causes chaos,  and I love it!
I get out and do loads of walking. I love the way the countryside changes, objects that would normally blend into the landscape take on new forms everything gets rounded off.
The usual sounds are replaced with the crunching of snow under foot.

The snow has all but gone now and we are back to soggy rainy days and things have returned to normal, how I miss the snow!

Pagoda at the rivers edge.

Windrush river.

Off the beaten track.


A beautiful garden in the summer, as attractive in the snow.



Cotton wool.

Natures lines.

Windrush River.

The Cotswold landscape.

Odd glimpses of colour.

The neighbors.



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